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Mental - Emerson vs Bipolar - the intro

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

I am mental. I've got the medical papers and prescriptions to prove it.

Keywords: Bipolar, Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD - Neurodivergent Creative.

This is not a blog for the faint of heart. This is not a blog to read while the kids are around. I curse. I can be raw and painful. I am not pulling punches. This is real, my life. Ugly truths and all. I have obsessions, I have addictions that are not substances, I have impulse control issues, I am mentally ill and all that that includes. It can be ugly but it can also be beautiful. I create beautiful things and I create ugly things. I create to create. I've got a stock pile of crap that's pretty no one wants because no one buys art anymore. Paintings, Photographs, Mixed Media Pieces. I am out of space and soon will be forced to destroy work, that or goodwill it.

Why should you grab a ticket for the ride?

Because I am a sarcastic delight with a side of mental illness. I am sane, but just crazy enough to add zest to life. Do not get me wrong - I am medication compliant, so if you are looking for a sympathetic shoulder while you go unmedicated and spiral out of control, that's not me. I am harsh, the truth can hurt, but it can also set you free. I work recovery from bipolar as I would any medical condition. I poke fun at shit, because this is hard, and laughter makes it a bit more bearable.

I have no idea what will happen here...

I am a neurodivergent creative soul who has mental illness. I am blogging to give a voice to those that can't write it out. I am going to use the privilege of access and state the truth of mental illness. I am going to use my anonymity to highlight parts that need to the light. You know, kinda like shining the light on a cockroach in the dark under the dumpster fire that is life currently.

I'd love to have you subscribe to see what shit I get into and out of. I am unpredictable in my predictability. I do promise to be real and that can be gorgeous somedays and ugly as fuck the next.

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