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Investment - In self

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I am about to do some hard things. Hard for me things that is. I am about to invest money in myself for myself. I am not talking about my odd collections of stuff either. I am talking in growing something for myself and for others. In starting my blog I thought just getting stuff out of my head would be enough. I would vent and carry on about whatever was burning a hole in me. Which I do, occasionally and sporadically. It's the nature of bipolar. But it's changed. Not because I have written so much, but because I know I should write more. I should be writing regularly and caring for myself better than I do. Today I started the process that will hopefully propel me forward to create something beyond myself. I am starting to create a structure that will hopefully allow me to grow with support. To use a plant analogy - I am transplanting myself into a bigger pot with some stakes to allow me to grow. I know I am not alone, that's the investment part. I am investing in friends and myself.

I am working with a friend and networking to build a community that is focused on forward movement and growth. Not just to survive but to thrive. Thrive despite the stress. Thrive despite the reasons not to. Thrive in spite of all the obstacles.

Is our current society in turmoil? Hell yes. Are there reasons to be scared? Sure. Is that a reason to stop? No.

Investing in myself and my growth beyond therapy. Beyond my family. Time for some calculated risk taking.

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